Magic Carpet Rides

Over 2,400 people work in the learning complex of Turkmen Carpet Weaving Center in Kusadasi, Turkey.

For the silk rugs, they collect silkworm cocoons. They then dry out the larva and soak the dried cocoons in warm water to pull apart the material using a brush.

The Turkish women hand sew each rug for 3 hours a day, a process that takes about 14 months to complete. They follow patterns that are drawn on pieces of cardboard by weaving teachers in the complex.

The results are breathtaking rugs that should be viewed as a piece of art rather than something to keep your feet warm from your hardwood floors.

They produce silk rugs that range in vibrant purple damask designs to rugs with simpler patterns made with natural dyes, or sals.

The tour guide, Alper, insists that guest remove their shoes and walk on these colorful masterpieces in order to feel the quality. It is like gliding on a smooth cloud.

These hand-sewn works of art don’t come cheap, though. Rugs the size of an average kitchen sink runner will cost you about $2,000. Though I can imagine the quality is well worth it .


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