The Valhalla Crossing

Where in the heck is Valhalla?!

It’s a suburb so small that it cannot be called a town so it was dubbed a “Hamlet”. It’s located in Mount Pleasant, about a 45 minutes north of New York City (but everyone who knows NY traffic knows that it’s actually about an hour and a half) and about 15 minutes from White Plains. Valhalla has also been my home since I was 12 years old.

The Valhalla Crossing Restaurant- or the “station” as the locals call it- is a little hole-in-the-wall joint that is literally located at the Valhalla Metro North Stop. It is made of old train cars but inside the wood decor and elegant touches make it feel like home.

Many of my high school friends held their first jobs in this restaurant. It has a huge selection of food, ranging from mac and cheese to bang bang shrimp.

The portions are HUGE. The food is also fresh and so much creativity and care is put into all of the dishes made here.

One of my favorite dishes is the Chicken Scarpariello.

The chicken is sautéed with sweet and spicy vinegar peppers and topped with both crumbles AND whole sausage, and served over a bed of mashed and roasted potatoes, which allow you to soak up the deliciousness. It feels like an explosion of spicy and savory in your mouth.

For those of you who aren’t so daring when it comes to spice or just like to keep it simple, you cannot go wrong with one of their amazing wraps or keep it light and healthy with one of their gourmet salads; although you’ll probably have to take the other half home because the plate is piled high with leafy-green goodness.

So, if by some crazy chance you end up in my little home town in “upstate NY” as people from Long Island and the NYC refer to it, don’t miss your chance to taste the big flavors coming out of this small town restaurant.


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