Pace University’s Pick: Sal’s Pizza

Story by Alyssa Madonna 


Daniel Giardullo has spent the last seven years behind an oven for roughly 72 hours per week.

As the owner of Sal’s Pizza in Pleasantville, NY, Giardullo is constantly making pizza pies for his main clientele, who are families that live in town.

However, Sal’s Pizza has made a name for itself at Pace University as well, where pizza is delivered to campus at least one hundred times per week.

“Sometimes from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock, we’ll have ten deliveries to Pace because people know we’re about to close,” Giardullo said.

Professor Paul Ziek has ordered Sal’s Pizza for his students on several occasions.

Not only do Pace students and faculty love Giardullo’s pizzeria, but the Pace community also trusted the restaurant enough to order 65 pizza pies for the Accepted Students Day event on campus last week.

“I just made pizza as fast as I could for an hour straight,” Giardullo said. “We had to take two cars to deliver the pies. It was crazy.”

In addition, many teenagers either on the Pace campus or in the Pleasantville community even fill applications to work at Sal’s because of the pizzeria’s reputation in town.

“There are so many students wanting to work at Sal’s that there will never be a shortage,” Giardullo said. “It’s a win-win situation for both of us. We provide them with some extra money while they’re in school and their help is super helpful to us.”

Sal’s even accepts Flex Dollars, a program that enables students to use their Pace One Card at local restaurants and eateries within the immediate area. Using the Pace One Card off campus provides an alternative for students to have meals besides the food provided in the Kessel Student Center.

Initially, Giardullo opened the Pleasantville location because he was a Pace student for three years. However, because of the pizzeria’s success, Giardullo decided to open a second location in North White Plains.

“I like working in Pleasantville because it has allowed me to build great friendships with frequent customers,” Giardullo said. “It’s nice to see families come back time after time and the familiar faces. I’ve recently moved here after meeting my fiancé, who is from Pleasantville, and believe it would be a great place to raise a family,” said Giardullo.


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