Pubs & Grub of London

I would often romanticize what it would be like to wander to the streets of London and my trip did not fall short of my expectations.

Much like the boroughs of New York, the districts of London all add a unique element to the city; the tall, glamorous buildings of Westminster, the vibrant Soho.

The pubs of London varied tremendously as well. Here are some of my favorite spots that you should give a try if you find yourself in this extraordinary city:

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 2.25.12 PM

Intimate candlelight seating at Gordon’s Wine Bar makes for a mesmerizing evening

  • Gordon’s Wine Bar: This eccentric wine bar is by far my favorite in all of the world. Guests arrive on a first-come basis and seat themselves. But that is not where the self-service ends: next, they approach the bar and food stations to pick out their selection from Gordon’s award winning wine list and customized charcuterie.

Plush & posh but cozy as can be at the 40th floor at Duck & Waffle

  • Duck & Waffle: Incredible London views from the 40th floor and 24/7 service are reason enough to make this posh little spot a winner. But the real reason it’s on my list is the incredible brunch they serve up. As a pro-tip, I highly recommend the jalapeño cornbread. #delicious
Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 3.08.36 PM

The secret garden of the Avalon make for a wonderful outdoor hang out

  • The Avalon: Good food, friendly people, and a secret garden. This local spot has a lot going for it whether you’re catching a game at the bar or taking in sun with an elderflower margarita in hand.

Champagne and a perfect view of Tower Bridge

  • Aqua ShardI came for the post New Years Eve brunch (and some hair of the dog) but stayed for the views of Tower Bridge. If you feel like splurging on fine dining or prefer to sip a cocktail by the large windows, you won’t be disappointed with what you find at Aqua Shard.

Wine & Worhol

  • Library BarsThe library bars of London are a book lover’s paradise. These charming places are perfect for a cozy night amongst smaller crowds.

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