An Escape from Reality: Stowe, Vermont

Attention all outdoorsy travelers: Stowe, Vermont is an adventurer’s paradise.

I’ve been going to the quiet, family-oriented town for quite some time now, and if you’re looking for an escape from your fast-paced, overwhelming schedule, then this is a great spot to check out.

My go-to season for Stowe is summer, (I’m a terrible skier), because there is so much that the town, and surrounding area has to offer. The town itself is home to several inns, hotels and lodges that are rather quaint, but absolutely charming. My favorite one to visit is The Trapp Family Lodge (The Sound of Music, anyone?). The lodge itself is situated on a mountain, and offers hiking and biking trails, pools, a fitness center as well as a brewery and bakery. Even if you don’t stay there, (it’s rather pricey), I definitely recommend paying it a visit.

As for Mother Nature, I have quite a few locations you guys need to check out. To begin, Stowe has a recreation path that is perfect for biking, running, or simply walking. It’s about 12 miles long, but it is nothing too strenuous. The path itself brings you through wooded areas, the heart of Stowe, and peaceful meadows. For something more intense, I enjoy hiking the Stowe Pinnacle, Hunger Mountain and Mount Elmore. Each of these trails offer some challenging, uphill terrain that is totally rewarding once you reach the summits. To cool off, check out some of Stowe’s watering holes and waterfalls–Cady’s Falls, Bingham Falls, Sterling Pond and the Waterbury Reservoir are just a few to get you started.

Now, let’s talk about something a little more serious: food. I’m a foodie, and I must say that Downtown Stowe is home to some excellent cuisine. My go-to restaurants are Piecasso (the best, wood-fired pizza ever), Tap 25 (healthy bites and nice portions), and The Malt Shop (classic, and delicious, comfort food). With that being said, there are other savory sites to venture to, like Plate (Vermont-Cali infused cuisine), The Bench (bar and grill) and The Blue Donkey (mouth-watering burgers).

For you night-owls, since Stowe is such a family town, you won’t find much of a bar scene here. That being said, I particularly enjoy Idletyme, Doc Ponds and Picnic Social (the less, “divey,” of the bars). They’re all rather rustic, and offer craft beers and healthy food options. However, if you’re looking for some late-night fun, I recommend The Matterhorn, Rimrock’s and The Backyard, where you can meet some pretty chill locals, as well as dance the night away. And of course, during the day, there are endless breweries to explore like The Alchemist, Rock Art and Magic Hat, plus Burlington is only about an hour away.

So, I strongly advise you to grab some good company and enjoy what this little piece of New England has to offer!



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