Meet the Nomads



Westchester native. Wine & cheese enthusiast. Loves hiking, snorkeling, waterfalls, and huskies/german shepherds. If she’s not out there exploring the world, she’s escaping it through a good book. Favorite destination: anywhere with starry skies and a beach. Bucket list trip: surfing in Bali.



Midwestern heart with east coast ambition. Can most likely find her chasing waterfront spots along the Hudson River before welcoming a smooth Cabernet like an old friend. Want to quiz someone on Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS? She’s your gal. “Keep your eyes and hearts open, and you’ll see more of the world than you ever thought possible.”



Lia is that girl who orders everything on the menu because she has major food FOMO, which is why her posts will probably be about food. Having turned 21 in October and preparing for her college graduation this coming December, she’s on the run and wants to explore everything that life throws at her. Lia recently started working in New York City and likes to try new restaurants and clubs each time she goes out with her friends and family. So if you can keep up, get ready and stay tuned!



Anna is an adventurer at heart. With her vivacious spirit, (and head of curls),  she’s always looking for something new and exciting to do. She’s traveled to Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Canada and (of course) the U.S. A true wanderer, she finds excitement in all things. According to her, there’s a lot to see, even in your own backyard.



Passionate duck feeder. Tutor. Sucker for sunsets. Loves people watching, trying new foods, and dancing in the woods. Life goal: to experience as much as possible.



Emily spends most of her time writing, re-writing, reading, re-reading, watching and re-watching. When she isn’t at the gym she is typically cooking up something healthy in the kitchen. She writes about everything from fitness fads to the healthiest ways to snack. In addition to writing for New York Nomad, Emily writes for INSIDER and has been published in The Journal News,,, and on the Food Network’s Snapchat Discover page.