Magic Carpet Rides

Over 2,400 people work in the learning complex of Turkmen Carpet Weaving Center in Kusadasi, Turkey. For the silk rugs, they collect silkworm cocoons. They then dry out the larva and soak the dried cocoons in warm water to pull apart the material using a brush. The Turkish women hand sew each rug for 3 … Continue reading Magic Carpet Rides


The Hidden Gem of the West

The Peloponnese region of Greece is home to the hidden gem of Nafplio. This seaport town boasts old-world charm with modern luxuries like savvy beach clubs and boutique hotels. There is a gelato shop on every marble corner and the streets are lined with many restaurants, which take credit cards unlike a lot of places … Continue reading The Hidden Gem of the West

Raspberry Martinis in Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini sprang from a volcanic explosion and is built on the top of seafaring cliffs. It is most definitely one of the most picturesque islands in all of Greece. Though there is no natural harbor, the explosion left a gigantic caldera with waters no less than 600 feet deep. Visitors from … Continue reading Raspberry Martinis in Santorini


Top 5 Things to Do in Thailand

I could probably list more than 100 reasons as to why Thailand is one of the most amazing places in the world. Pristine beaches, an abundance of culture, and plenty of opportunity for adventure are only some of the reasons this gorgeous "land of smiles" has become one of my most treasured travel destinations. This … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Do in Thailand