14 Underrated U.S. Destinations

We all have a bucket list. You know the one I'm talking about; the one that has every place we hope to someday visit and keeps getting longer every time we browse Pinterest or Instagram. Well it's time to add these places to that list because there are extraordinary places around the U.S. that are … Continue reading 14 Underrated U.S. Destinations


Pubs & Grub of London

I would often romanticize what it would be like to wander to the streets of London and my trip did not fall short of my expectations. Much like the boroughs of New York, the districts of London all add a unique element to the city; the tall, glamorous buildings of Westminster, the vibrant Soho. The … Continue reading Pubs & Grub of London

A Place Called Plaka

Upon arriving to Athens, I thought about how closely it resembles New York City. There are hundreds of shops including American stores like H&M and Zara. Graffiti covers buildings, even those built in classical style with their marble staircases and Ionic columns. Cars bustle the streets day and night and it is nearly impossible for … Continue reading A Place Called Plaka