16 Sandwiches in Westchester That Will Change Your Life

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -Julia Child No matter where you go in the world, there will never be anything that comes close to a good New York sandwich. Seriously-ask any New Yorker what NY does best and they will say, "food." Pizza, sandwiches, or any type of food that … Continue reading 16 Sandwiches in Westchester That Will Change Your Life


Pubs & Grub of London

I would often romanticize what it would be like to wander to the streets of London and my trip did not fall short of my expectations. Much like the boroughs of New York, the districts of London all add a unique element to the city; the tall, glamorous buildings of Westminster, the vibrant Soho. The … Continue reading Pubs & Grub of London

Pace University’s Pick: Sal’s Pizza

Story by Alyssa MadonnaΒ    Daniel Giardullo has spent the last seven years behind an oven for roughly 72 hours per week. As the owner of Sal’s Pizza in Pleasantville, NY, Giardullo is constantly making pizza pies for his main clientele, who are families that live in town. However, Sal’s Pizza has made a name … Continue reading Pace University’s Pick: Sal’s Pizza


Carlo’s Restaurant

Some of the most amazing food comes out of the smallest, most cramped, aesthetically displeasing places of all times. That being said, Carlo's in Yonkers is a cozy, casual ItalianΒ restaurant in Yonkers serving up some of the best Italian food in the area. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe their … Continue reading Carlo’s Restaurant


The Valhalla Crossing

Where in the heck is Valhalla?! It's a suburb so small that it cannot be called a town so it was dubbed a "Hamlet". It's located in Mount Pleasant, about a 45 minutes north of New York City (but everyone who knows NY traffic knows that it's actually about an hour and a half) and … Continue reading The Valhalla Crossing