The Guys You Meet on Tinder: Westchester Edition

The term “dating” is constantly evolving over time. As someone who recently started to date again after ending a long-term relationship, I realize that we live in a world where everyone refuses to commit because they are waiting for someone “better” to come along or afraid of feeling vulnerable. Social media plays a big role … Continue reading The Guys You Meet on Tinder: Westchester Edition


50 Epic Stargazing Spots in Every State

If the annual Perseid Meteor Shower has given you a case of star-chasing adrenaline this summer, you'll want to check out these swoon worthy skies. Which ones will you be checking off of your summer travel list? 1.) Alabama, Cheaha State Park 2.) Alaska, Denali National Park and Preserve 3.) Arizona, The Wave 4.) Arkansas, Compton Trail 5.) … Continue reading 50 Epic Stargazing Spots in Every State

14 Underrated U.S. Destinations

We all have a bucket list. You know the one I'm talking about; the one that has every place we hope to someday visit and keeps getting longer every time we browse Pinterest or Instagram. Well it's time to add these places to that list because there are extraordinary places around the U.S. that are … Continue reading 14 Underrated U.S. Destinations


Pubs & Grub of London

I would often romanticize what it would be like to wander to the streets of London and my trip did not fall short of my expectations. Much like the boroughs of New York, the districts of London all add a unique element to the city; the tall, glamorous buildings of Westminster, the vibrant Soho. The … Continue reading Pubs & Grub of London


5 Reasons Every College Student Should Study Abroad

It can be hard to find the time and funds to explore the world around us, especially if you're a college student or a recent grad. That is why any college student who has a desire to globe trot should study abroad at least once. Here are some of the benefits if studying abroad: Timing … Continue reading 5 Reasons Every College Student Should Study Abroad


Giddy Up (State NY)

One of the reasons so many of us travel is to experience new things and make memories. However, you don't always need a plane ticket to an exotic land or a cross-country road trip to have these kinds of moments. Sometimes great experiences are formed in your own backyard (or about an hour and a … Continue reading Giddy Up (State NY)